The Science of Imaginary Solutions

Etage Projects, Cph



Exhibition photos David Stjernholm Work photos Rosalina Kruse Serup

The Spine

Kviberg, Gothenburg

Public Commission


Public comission for the city of Gothenburg, installed outside Kviberg School. A four meter tall obelisk called The Spine.

Fossils & Tools

Hallands Museum of Art

Public Commission


A site specific commission for the new extended building of Hallands Museum of Art, Sweden. Previously being a County Museum, it holds a large collection of cultural historical objects, such as old craft tools and excavated objects from the stone- and iron age. The commission - a flooring for the museum café and auditorium - is based on the museum collection. The flooring in the old building is made of limestone, rich on fossils. Historically, pedagogical tours showing the fossils, was an integrated part of the museum’s daily operation. With a flooring as the ‘canvas’ six large ‘excavations’ is created, containing pewter casts of original objects from the collection. The excavations are filled up with coal powder and transparent resin.

Counter and plinths

Boys Don’t Cry, Paris

Private Commission


The Blob

ArkDes/Swedish Institute Paris

Public Commission


Apparent Appearance of Life

Södersjukhuset hospital, Stockholm

Public Commission


I do spend time in nature

Berg Gallery, Stockholm



Big Bang and other explanations

Etage Projects, CPH

Studio Work



Residence In Nature, Lessebo Creek



Two river sculptures produced during ‘Residency In Nature’ in Småland Sweden. The sculptures are made from blue-clay dug up in the area and the pieces are based on a 700 year old local myth about female fertility rituals, taking place in the rivers around the area.

Erosional Remnant

Ace Hotel, London

Private Commission




Studio work


Stena Stiftelsen Award

Gothenburg Museum of Art




Tramway Glasgow



The Monument




The sculpture, depicting the topography of the Tyrollean mountains, was conceived through transferring files from Google Earth into a 3D program. The topography was later cut out in a cnc-router in glass and the composite material Jesmonite. The sculpture was accompanied by a 4 minute video. Filmed in a quarry, it fictitiously narrates the origin of the sculpture. Created in collaboration with Swarovski.

The Materiality of a Natural Disaster

Royal College of Art, London

Graduation Project


The Materiality of a Natural Disaster. The 12 minute documentary takes place in Fukushima, Japan, a year after the Tohoku Daiichi Powerplant disaster. In the wake of the accident, the government evacuated a 30 km area and put up an exclusion zone around the powerplant. I visited the rice farmer Naoto Matsumura, who had refused to move from his home and was now the only man still living within the exclusion zone. Fukushima had mainly been an agricultural area but when the soil became contaminated by radiation, the agriculture was wiped out. I made a documentary about Matsumuras life and together we dug up soil from his old rice fields. From the soil I created 5 sculptures with the typology of food ves- sels. The shapes of the vessels were hinting to the specific produce from the area. The idea was for them to work as symbols, loaded with the narrative of the area, as an allegory to the devastating event.

Sedimentation Urns

Royal College of Art, London

Studio work


Hilda Hellström has developed her practice using intricate casting techniques that explore the inherent qualities of transformative materials. With an empirical and experimental approach, her interest lies in how cultural or emotional associations of material affect our perception of the world around us.

In the process she incorporates the will of the material, leaving large parts of the process to the haphazardness of gravity. To show the material qualities and the process of production - what she calls the material narrative - is significant to the practice. She sees this interest as a critique to the anthropocentric worldview that leaves man at the center of all relations. The juxtaposition between control and chance is at the core of her work, where control represents human action and the chance represents non-human influences.

Through film and sculpture, Hellström has explored the themes of geology and natural forces throughout her practice. The ground we stand on, that we know in its uttermost solidity, erupts and transforms, which might leave us feeling humble or lacking control. These transformative aspects of the world and the malleability of reality are in different ways translated into the work.

Her work has been exhibited at Gothenburg Museum of Art, The British Craft Council, MAK (Museum für Angewandte Kunst) Vienna, Victoria & Albert Museum London, Tramway Glasgow, London Design Museum, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Röhsska Museet, Art Basel Miami, Shanghai Power Station Art Museum, Daelim Museum South Korea, Design Museo Helsinki and MUDAC Lausanne, amongst other institutions. Hellström currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.


    ◦ Master of Arts, Royal College of Art, London 2012


    Solo & Two-persons exhibitions

    ◦ “Perecived Memory, Projected Future” Niclas Berg Gallery SE Stockholm 2020
    ◦ “The Science of Imaginary Solutions” Etage Projects DK Copenhagen 2019
    ◦ “I do spend time in nature” Niclas Berg Gallery SE Stockholm 2017
    ◦ “Stenastiftelsens Art Award” Göteborgs Konstmuseum SE Gothenburg 2014/15
    ◦ “Still it moves” Gallery Bensimon FR Paris 2014
    ◦ “Hilda Hellström x Bec Brittain” Matter US New York 2014
    ◦ “The Monument” Swarovski Wonder Chamber, AU Innsbruck 2013- 2014

    Selected Group Exhibitions

    ◦ “Public Luxury” Swedish Institute FR Paris

    ◦ “Public Luxury” Arkdes Architecture Museum, SE Stockholm

    ◦ “5KV” Kvalitar Gallery, CZ Prague
    ◦ “Twelve Tall Tales” (The British Crafts Council) Oriel Davies Gallery IR Wales
    ◦ “Gustavsbergs Konsthall Revisited” Gustavsbergs Konsthall SE Gustavsberg
    ◦ “Room With its own Rules” Chamber NYC US New York
    ◦ “This is Today” Chamber NYC, US New York

    ◦ “The Plinth Project” Etage Projects DK Copenhagen
    ◦ “Chamber NYC booth” Art Basel Miami US Miami Beach
    ◦ “Keep In Touch” Skånes Konstförening SE Malmö
    ◦ “Konsthantverk i Sverige” Eskilstuna Konstmuseum SE Eskilstuna
    ◦ “Residence-In-Nature” Växjö Konsthall SE Växjö
    ◦ “Objects Of Desire” Design Museo Helsinki FI Helsinki
    ◦ “Twelve Tall Tales” The British Craft Council UK London UK
    ◦ “Colour Your Life” Daelim Museum KR Seoul
    ◦ “Sur” Apalazzo Gallery IT Brescia

    ◦ “Eva Bonnier for public Art” Konstakademiet SE Stockholm
    ◦ “Den Nya Kvinnogruppen” Eskilstuna Konstmuseum SE Eskilstuna
    ◦ “Pilsen 2015 – European City of Culture” CZ Pilsen
    ◦ “Radikal Vänskap” Gustavsbergs Konsthall SE Gustavsberg
    ◦ “Samtidsarkeologi” Galleri Format NO Oslo

    ◦ “DNK: Så Därför Kom Vi Hit” Verkstad; Rum för Konst SE Norrköping
    ◦ “Atemporaneo” Apalazzo Gallery IT Brescia
    ◦ “Crafting Narratives“ The British Craft Council UK London
    ◦ “Rum 319” Crystal Gallery SE Stockholm Art Week
    ◦ “Den Nya Kvinnogruppen” Fullersta Gård SE Stockholm
    ◦ “The Future Is Handmade” Kalmar Konstmuseum SE Kalmar
    ◦ “NightTime DreamReal” Power Station Art Museum CN Shanghai
    ◦ “House Style” Tramway UK Glasgow
    ◦ “Mastering Design” Mudac CH Lausanne
    ◦ “Swarovski Digital Crystal” Beijing Design Week CN Beijing

    ◦ “Digital Crystal” Design Museum UK London
    ◦ “Royal College of Art Graduation Show” Royal College of Art Battersea UK London

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