urns and vessels
2011 - ongoing

2013 - ongoing

T H E   M O N U M E N T  2nd edt
Installation for Swarovski at Swarovski Innsbruck
March 2013 - November 2015

A moving image in symbiosis with an sculpture is telling the story
about a mythological place. A monument dedicated to friends
in the Tyrollean mountains, as an ode to craft in a digital world.


T H E   M O N U M E N T  1st edt
Installation for Swarovski at the Design Museum
September 2012- January 2013

Private commission 2013

2012 (MA Graduation Project RCA)

Food vessels made of clay and soil from a rice field inside the Fukushima-Daiichi exclusion zone. Vessels contain slight radiation but do not irradiate.
A collaboration between Hilda Hellstrom and Naoto Matsumura, a rice farmer and last resident inside the exclusion zone.

Project consist of 5 vessels and a 12 minute documentary about the life of Naoto Matsumura inside the zone.

For further info, read this article.


Installation in the permanent collection of the MAK (Museum für angewandte Kunst) in Vienna 2013. Large terracotta piece heaten up from within, with molten pewter in it's surface canals. Due to its density and weight aluminium balls are floating on the molten pewter and creates a large sized board game.

Originally commissioned by Passionswege and Vienna Design Week, created in collaboration with local tile stove company Fessler Kamine.

For further info, read this article.

The Foundry from Hilda Hellstrom on Vimeo.

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